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Byron Bay News

Byron Bay SAE College

AudioTechnology Magazine, Issue 28, Page 42 to 47
"... when you walk through the 'campus' and grasp the scale of this enormous undertaking - from any perspective, technological or otherwise - you cannot help but be impressed. What on the outside looks like a very expensive resort, rapidly reveals itself to be exponentially more valuable, as you discover the seemingly endless number of control and recording rooms, edit suites, post production and mix rooms, all decked out with the 'latest and greatest hitech equipment, nestling relatively inconspicuously under the shade of the very lo-tech gum trees. This joint, make no mistake, is a monster!'"

Commenting on the new SAE World Headquarters and International School, Phil Dudderidge (Chairman of Focusrite und President of the APRS) comments: "This is simply an outstanding campus, dedicated to the recording arts. If the expression "world class" has any meaning, this exemplifies it. I have seen no other educational facility anywhere in the world which comes close.

"The new 15 acre SAE College at Byron Bay is a sensational facility." Julius Grafton - CX Magazin, Editor

Pro Sound News:
"Dr. Tom Misner has capped 27 Years of SAE with a stunning world hq and campus in a surfers's paradise down under."

"WINTER is a misnomer for July in Byron Bay. Even with the sun at its smallest the popular tourist spot on the NSW north coast basks at a balmy 20-degree average, the same as the waves that nudge Belongil Beach [...]
The 6ha site carved out of the Belongil Fields hinterland includes 31 audio-visual studios, with recording rooms, plus a separate commercial studio (part of Misner's Studios 301 group), making it the biggest recording facility in the world." Sally Jackson -The Australian

Production Partner 9/2003, Seite 36 bis 39
"Equipment auf der Höhe der Zeit, überzeugende Lehrangebote mit amtlichen Abschlüssen sowie eine mitreißende Umgebung: Mit der Errichtung des SAE-Campus in Byron Bay hat sich Dr. Tom Misner nicht nur einen Traum erfüllt, sondern auch lernwilligen Interessenten in der ganzen Welt Perspektiven für eine praxisnahe und fundierte Ausbildung in der professionellen AV-Branche eröffnet."

FutureMusic, Page 20
" Of course, learning about music production is easy when you have a copy of FM to hand, but how do you fancy surrounding yourself with the best gear in the world and then going surfing on some of the best beaches in the world after a 'hard' day learning?
Well, now you can because possibly the best studio education facility in possibly the best location near possibly the best set of beaches has just been opened in Byron Bay, Australia."