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Byron Bay News

Reviews by Jo Watson at the Rails…. Byron Bay

Reviews by Jo Watson at the Rails…. Byron Bay


The sound of horns blast across Railway Park as I make my way to the Rails. The sounds are that of Brisvegas band Gorgonzola. The Rails is packed and it’s still only 7:30 on a Friday night.

This crew from Queensland is a brilliant blend of Jazz/funk/ blues with of course the ever-present Latino influences. An already popular pub band these guys know how to help you unwind after a week of work turmoil and strain. Before you know it you’ll have your feet tapping and your hips a swinggin’.

A combination of drums, keyboards, lively horn section, guitars and fantastic vocals set these guys apart. Attracting an audience of locals and backpackers alike they have a bit of something for everyone. Bringing together both covers and originals they set the stage a jumpin’ with there uplifting beats.

So if you’re wanting to catch these guys any time soon it’s going to be a trip to Brisvegas for you, or perhaps waiting in Byron is more your game it’ll be a couple of months and they’ll be here again. 3 out of 5 stars.

Feeling well and truly warmed into my weekend I started off down to the Beach Hotel to check out Local band Durga Babies. These guys were recommended to me to check out… I can’t remember who it was who said to see them but I won’t trust their judgement again.

Durga Babies

Well I want to say something good about these guys but I just can’t… I guess the audience was enjoying themselves. Me, I could only stay for a middy. The pop tunes and covers these guys played are just so tired and over done. It’s the kind of thing that goes great at a party and they’re your friends but as for performing for the public, what can I say these guys didn’t do it for me.

I couldn’t put myself through the experience of sitting in on the whole gig, maybe it was the moon, maybe because I’d had so much fun at The Rails, I don’t know, but this three piece certainly didn’t have me out on the dance floor yelling for more.
1 ½ stars…. At least they could play their instruments.