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Each Lender agrees that, without the prior consent of the Required Lenders, it will not amend, supplement or otherwise modify any provision of any Existing Debt Credit Agreement, any Existing Agreement Amendment or any other Loan Document (in each case, other than any of the foregoing related to the Palm Beach Credit Facility) if any such amendment, supplement or modification (i) would result in the inclusion in any such Existing Debt Credit Agreement, Existing Agreement Amendment or other Loan Document of any financial covenant unless such agreement or other document contains any financial covenant as of the date hereof (but after giving effect to the applicable Existing Agreement Amendment), or which make the financial covenants contained in any such agreement or other document more onerous to any DJT Entity which is a party thereto than the financial covenants in effect on the date hereof (but after giving effect to the applicable Existing Agreement Amendment); (ii) would be inconsistent with any provision of this Agreement or with any provision which this Agreement provides shall be included in the applicable Existing Agreement Amendment; or (ill) would violate any agreement or covenant of any DJT Entity contained in the New Credit Facility, this Agreement or any Special Collateral Agreement, Collateral Agreement, Guaranty, Special Guaranty or Existing Agreement Amendment (in each case, as in effect on the date hereof and without giving effect to any subsequent amendment thereof which such Lender did not approve); provided, however, that notwithstanding clauses (i) and (ii) above, each Lender may, without the prior consent of any other Lender, amend, supplement or otherwise modify any provision of any Existing Debt Credit Agreement, Existing Agreement Amendment or any other Loan Document, if such amendment, supplement or other modification is agreed to by each other party to such agreement or document and is made in order to cure any then existing default or event of default under such agreement or document (or in order to avoid the occurrence of any default or event of default) or is made in connection with any request of DJT to take action not permitted to be taken under the terms of the applicable Existing Debt Credit Agreement, as long as, in any such case, such Lender reasonably determines that any such amendment, supplement or other modification is not likely to result in a default under such betting agreement or document in the near term under facts and circumstances then knovn to such Lender; provided, further, that no such amendment, supplement or other modification may, directly or indirectly, restrict the ability of any Obligor, any of the Entity Operating Cash Flow of which is at any time includible in Operating Cash Flow, from declaring, paying or otherwise making any dividends or other distributions on, or repurchasing or otherwise acquiring any of, the Equity Interest in such Obligor; provided, further, that, notwithstanding the preceding provisos, no such amendment, supplement or other modification shall be inconsistent with any of the Existing Agreement Amendment provisions contemplated by Section such amendment, supplement or modification of the payment terms of any Indebtedness of any DJT Entity, none of the Entity Operating Cash Flow of which is includible in Operating Cash Flow at any time, shall not be deemed to be inconsistent with any of such provisions. Hausheer, I have business "online" here, and expect to be detained some time. The same time tending to ripen public opinion for and it is the object of this paper to make suggestions Unquestionably the first thing which those should do who are desirous of suppressing the gambling evil is absolutely to dissociate themselves from any form of it whatever, commercial or otherwise: florida.