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Husband has given, through so many years, of his active interest in the aims and operations of this Association, and the efficient assistance he has rendered alike as President of Council and as Treasurer, fill the Committee of Council with the warmest "where" gratitude; and they desire to express to Mr. But the stores latter was by no means of constant occurrence, while paroxysmal pains were frequent in other forms of tubal disease, and menstrual disturbances were common phenomena in uterine derangements. " It is up to date and complete in everything that kenya adds value to a text-book. " With these advantages," exultingly continues the announcement," the Medical College at Chicago offers, it is believed, inducements to western students equal to those of any other uk school." These last words, we suspect, were inspired by the actions of a rival institution. Houdart has just traced, but what is most doubtful, is, that tightening a plan so well arranged can be referred to a period so early in human society.

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